Let’s talk about British TV for a moment. This year, British TV disappointed me. It was, for the most part lacklustre, poorly written and badly plotted. Some Doctor Who, and Misfits episodes were very good, but for the most part they suffered in comparison to the previous year. What went wrong? Was it the attempt to make things too complex and not being in a position to provide a coherent solution? Was it budget cuts? Or am I getting too old for some of these shows?

I started this post with that to get the bad out of the way. British TV has been in decline this year. But there were gems. There were proper gems. One of them was number 7 on my top ten of the year;
Appropriate Adult on ITV was an incredible piece of drama. Rivalling The Wire for realism, scripting and acting.

The show told the story of Janet Leach who becomes the appropriate adult for Fred West upon his arrest. The script is made up mostly of actual interview and courtroom transcriptions along with some fictional scenes taken from stories after the fact. Emily Watson plays Janet and Dominic West gives a powerhouse performance as Fred West (rivalling Hopkins for the role of screen’s most monstrous creation). The show was expertly written, and one of the finest thrillers of the past decade.

You can see clips and read more about it here


2 thoughts on “7.

  1. Totes. The writing was incredible – more so when you realise the best bits of writing were from the transcripts, and to weave those in to a narrative in a realistic way took craftsmanship of extreme bloody proportions.

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