More and more in the modern age, video games are better written, more emotionally involving than most films. This year certainly had its fair share of excellent games with Arkham City, Resistance 3, Skyrim, and Uncharted all taking top spots in end of the year lists. Each of those were strongly written, engaging as a story and emotionally satisfying.

But none of them could compete with the next on our list.

6. Portal 2

Portal 2, the sequel to Valve’s throwaway addition to their Orange Box compilation is a perfectly written science-fiction tale. It starts off simply, escape a science facility using only a gun that fires two portals. The villain, an evil computer called GLADOS, obsessed with throwing puzzles at you and forcing you to endlessly ‘test’ the weapon you own. Your only ally, Wheatley (Stephen Merchant at his charasmatic best), a slightly dim witted computer. A fairly basic set up really, but what sets Portal 2 apart is the story. Once you confront GLADOS and switch her for the kinder, friendlier Wheatley, things get even worse. Putting Wheatley in charge gives him a flush of power and he drops you to the bottom of the facility.

As you work your way back up to face him (complete with GLADOS in tow, attached to a potato battery) you pass through the remains of the old facility. You see the history of the facility, hear snippets of dialogue from a lost era. It gives you backstory and you absorb it without really noticing. And to top it all off, it’s witty, brilliant and very, very smart.

Check out the best moments below:


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