I could have very easily included more work from this author in this list, but thought it best to limit it to just one entry per person/comic/tv show/film. His subtle and quietly frightening take on Norse mythology in the Murmations anthology  was brilliant. However, this slot is reserved for his rather fantastic second novel.

4. The Thing on the Shore by Tom Fletcher

Tom Fletcher knows call centres. That’s probably worth mentioning. He understands the repetition, the boredom. He’s written about them before of course, in his first novel, The Leaping and if his shared universe of oddball horror stories goes along the path it’s begun then we’ll see more of them in The Ravenglass Eye. But there’s more to it here, there’s his bizarre mash-up of influences, Stephen King, William Gibson and Lovecraft are all in there in subtle ways. There is, and this is a personal love of mine, a refusal to outright explain anything, leaving you unsettled even after the book is over.

A rather excellent second novel and a sign of an author just beginning to show us what he can deliver.


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