Here we are, the final part of my top ten. This has been a tough list to put together, especially since the top things this year have all been quite closely linked. I could have listed most of the episodes of Community, Breaking Bad, and certainly another top ten would have found the novel Snowdrops and the Neil Gaiman written episode of Doctor Who ‘The Doctor’s Wife’ making an appearance. It should be stressed that this is not in any order, but seriously, there was nothing better than this scene this year.

1.Baelor – Game of Thrones Episode Nine

Most scenes involving Tyrion Lannister could have made it into the top ten. Most scenes from Game of Thrones probably would have, with its complex plotting, brilliant characterisation and Soprano’s esque love of violence. This was easily the best series of the year. This scene though is the one that stood out. From the ninth episode of the show, the penultimate one no less, Peter Dinklage’s character tries to play a drinking game with a long time friend along with a girl. Up till now he’s seemed like a joker, a bit of a dick to be honest, but smart. This scene breaks him apart and does it in such clever ways.

What do you think? Agree? Disagree? Let me know!


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