Pitch Party

Happy new year to you all.

2013 has started off in a fairly exciting fashion, with January packed full of performances for me. I’m really excited as a writer to be facing a challenging month of events that put me right outside my comfort zone. First up, this Sunday is the ever wonderful Shaken Stories and Verse, compered by Stirred Poetry’s Anna Percy, Shaken takes place at FAB Cafe on the 6th January. Performers are encouraged to read work that falls under more genre focused territory, so I’ll be reading an extract of a piece called Crisis, which I last performed at Sounds from the Other City.

On the 25th, I’ll be pitching to a panel of esteemed judges as party of the Library/Lowry Theatre Re:Play festival event, Pitch Party. Re:play’s Pitch Party welcomes a group of brave creatives to pitch exciting new ideas for stage performances, in front of an audience and panel of industry experts. The winner will receive the support of The Library Theatre Company and The Lowry Studio to help bring their project to life. The concept for my performance is under wraps at the moment, so come on down!

Bad Language comes back on the 30th of the month, and whilst we can’t reveal much just yet, rest assured it’s going to be a damn good night.

Finally, on the 31st, I’ll be doing a performative lecture on the nature of Spider-Man as part of Nexus Art Cafe’s series of ‘Bright Club’ events. These lectures are intended to be both informative and funny, and whilst I’ve never been known to be either, I felt that doing the event would be a challenge. And that’s what I want 2013 to be, a year where I challenge myself as a writer, and take myself out of the comfort zone of getting up on stage and reading a short story from a piece of paper.

I hope this continues throughout the year, and I hope that I’ll see some of you at those events this month!


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