The Pull List (Issue 1) – ‘The event comic is the bane of a lot of fan’s lives…’

I have a new column over at the wonderful Bookmunch site. It’ll be a monthly thing, and I’ll likely use it to review the more interesting and important comics of the month. Hope you enjoy!


When DC Comics rebooted its entire line of comics two years ago they started a yearly tradition. Each September all of their titles would fall under a single banner (last year for example saw each title receive a #0 issue, with stories set in character’s pasts). This year we have, for our sins, Villains Month. Each title has been “taken over” by a villain. There has been a massive sprawl of complaints from retailers about how this has been handled, and really, the overall quality of comics that has come out is, like much of DC’s output these days, mediocre at best. There are, however, a few bright spots. One such bright spot is the confusingly named Justice League 23.3: dejl23Dial E from China Mieville, and twenty-one artists. Mieville’s wonderfully strange, 80’s Vertigo throwback series Dial H was cancelled last month and was one of the highlights of mainstream superhero…

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