Page ‘Fat Roland’ Turner

I was on the radio last week.

On Sunday afternoon I wandered down to Chinatown to appear on Fab Radio International’s Page Turner show, with Anna Percy. I had a really great time being interviewed: the Fab Radio station is inside a Tardis, and I got to read from two of my favourite books, Clare Vaye Watkins’ ‘Battleborn’ and Wells Tower’s ‘Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned’. I also read my short story ‘Skin‘, which was a runner up in the Manchester Climate Change short story competition, and has just been given a soundtrack courtesy of my good friend Carl Stevens.

At the end of the interview, Anna asked me to add something to the ‘writer’s uniform’, and I noticed that the writer in question didn’t have a pen. I gave him a pen, and then left the studio, waded through the Chinese New Year crowds and got home to this video from Fat Roland.


That was lovely.

Happy year of the horse.

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