Where should I send my writing?

Often, when I’ve finished a short story and I feel that it’s ready to send somewhere, I get that horrible, ‘but where should I send it?’ feeling. Knowing where to place a story can be just as hard as redrafting the thing, and I’ve had stories rejected time and time again because I just dove right in and submitted to the first thing I saw.

It used to be that Duotrope would be my first call when I had a complete and finished short story, but now that they’ve moved on to a pesky subscribers only access route, there needs to be something else.

So, here are a couple of places that I go to now for information about the latest opportunities, competitions and magazines for writers.

Paul McVeigh is a very busy man, aside from being involved in the fantastic Word Factory (more on than next week in my blog on live literature in London), and producing the London Short Story Festival (which has an amazing line-up), he also maintains a brilliant blog where he runs through a great many opportunities.

Short Stops is another favourite of mine. Run by the fantastic Tania Hershman, it is a website devoted to short fiction and has a great listings section of live literature nights, as well as listings for ongoing opportunities and one-off competitions.

Bookcase f92328

The Booktrust website has a good list, although it can sometimes be slightly out of date, still though, good to see one where the format of publication (online/print) and payment/no payment is listed.

As you can see, the web isn’t packed full of these guides and nor does it need to be. I have yet to find myself lost for a place to send a story after consulting at least one of these websites (usually one of the first two if I’m being honest).

I’m also curious about you guys, where do you send your work? Is there a website I’ve not mentioned which lists fiction submissions that you wouldn’t find on the ones I’ve discussed? Let me know in the comments and I’ll include your links in a follow up post later in the year!


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