Literature Documentaries

I just finished reading Libra by Don DeLillo, his amazing novel about the assassination of JFK and Lee Harvey Oswald. After I finished it, I decided I wanted to find an interview with DeLillo, to see if there was one with him talking about the novel and how he wrote it.


Instead, I found the documentary below, an episode of Omnibus, with him talking about the media and how media coverage of news events is becoming the new ‘great American novel’. It’s a really fascinating piece, well worth watching, and it got me thinking: what other free documentaries about writers are there up online? I found loads, and I’ve compiled the best of them below:

Don DeLillo

Grant Morrison

David Foster Wallace

Virginia Woolf

Haruki Murakami

Alan Moore

Stephen King

Iain Banks

Vladimir Nabokov

JG Ballard

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