The Crochet Boy

It’s nice to have a piece published and this year I consider myself to be extra lucky. My short story The Land of Miracles, which I struggled to find a place for, found its way into Confingo Magazine’s debut issue. Then, Boo Books got hold of my story Old Sheets for Dirty Jobs – which I’m very proud of.


Now, Irish Literary Review have published my piece The Crochet Boy. The story itself has an interesting genesis. I was commissioned to write a story for Video Jam, a Manchester based live art show which pairs video artists up with performers (musicians, spoken word artists). At a live event, performers read/play whilst a piece of video art is streamed behind them.

The piece of video art I got was called Coping Mechanism by artist Candace Couse.

Coping Mechanism from Candace Couse on Vimeo.

Purposefully, and quite rightly, Video Jam don’t tell you the purpose behind the art. Performers get free reign over interpretation. It’s useful for writers especially, as we see all sorts of different things within a piece of work like this. I imagine that if several writers all took the same video, we would produce vastly different stories in the end.

The story I wrote, The Crochet Boy, is very short, so I won’t introduce it. Click the link above if you want to read it. But I think that it might also be worth watching the video alongside the text, it’ll give you a better sense of how I approached the writing of it.


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