Bear with me, this is going to be a post all about myself.

Every Friday, the wonderful people at Faber Academy hold a competition called #Quickfic. They give you a prompt, and you have to respond with a 250 word (max) story. The winner gets a great big stack of books, and has their story published on the Faber Academy website.

Two weeks ago, this picture was their prompt.


I’ve entered the competition a couple of times now. I find it a fun exercise to do in the morning, a good way to jog myself as a writer, to try out different things, and to have fun. That’s something that quickly goes when you’re redrafting a novel I’ve found – the fun. Getting the chance to write something quick and short, and having something to prompt you can be a great way to exercise yourself.

Anyway, I wrote a short short story called Army and entered the competition.

And I won! Here’s my winning piece. The pile of books arrived just the other day, and I’m proper excited to delve into them (especially the Kureishi and Williams books).


Thanks to Faber Academy for enjoying the story enough to send me a stack of books!

You can find more of my published stories here.


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