About the author

“A well maneuvered, delectable lexicon”

“Daniel’s explorative, profound stories delved incredibly deeply into the human conscience, and the divides which relentlessly exist between different generations and groups of people within society.”

“Daniel Carpenter’s short story is an emotionally-charged slice of post-technology sadness, similar to Delphine Boswell’s earlier short, but with a great sense of loss for a loved one supporting the story’s backbone. Written with a subtleness that does the story proud, Carpenter has penned a quiet and purposefully unambitious tale that touches the reader rather the pounces upon them. For me it worked. It showed that strong human element in complete juxtaposition to the technology that has been such a predominant part of the entire anthology. And at the end of the story I smiled.” DLS Reviews

Daniel Carpenter is an author with work online at Metazen and The Irish Literary Review. His short fiction has appeared in the Boo Books anthology After the Fall, and has been shortlisted for the Manchester Climate Change Short Story Competition. His non-fiction has been published on Tor Dot Com and Bookmunch.

One thought on “About the author

  1. LOVED< LOVED< LOVED this- brilliant.
    'Black Hole'
    by Daniel Carpenter

    There is a black hole above her house.

    This swirling cosmic nothingness, ever expanding, tendrils reaching out across the sky. She does not know how it got there. She knows it's taking her things. She does not remember last Saturday. When she tries to explain it she can't. She wants to say, "There's a black hole above my house and it's stealing every memory I have ever treasured," but it is not the kind of sentence people understand.

    The black hole expands, time collapses in on itself.

    She discovers her twelve year old self in her attic.

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