You can find my writing in the following places:


That’s how I got to Manchester on Rainy City Stories

All Cleaned Out on Unlikely Stories

The Collector in Quickies

Liver Shot in Shoestring Magazine

The Ghost in The Birthday Issue

The Healer & Skiving in Electric Sky

Goodnight, Cleo in Blankpages issue 36

Left the Party in Blankpages issue 41

The Whole Thing in Scattered Reds

Angel Meadow in I Know where the City has Wings

Christmas 2004 & For Two Women… in NSWS

Shepherds in Prison on 330 Words

Black Hole on National Flash Fiction Day and featured in Jawbreakers

How to Meet People on Flash 365

100,520 on Metazen

Psammophile Postcards in Eclat Fiction

Battery (second place in the 2012 #Flashtag Competition) in The Hat You Wear

Interns published by Stegocrater and distributed to the people of Leeds.

Relict written in response to the song Deeper on Aka Hige’s album Opening.

Skin, runner up in the Manchester Climate Change Short Story contest.

Sugar, commissioned for the premiere of Handles by Tom Mason.

The Land of Miracles in Confingo Magazine

Old Sheets for Dirty Jobs in Boo Books anthology After the Fall

The Crochet Boy in the Irish Literary Review

Army on the Faber Academy website


David Foster Wallace retrospective on The Real Story

A Thousand Miles Away and Home published on The Real Story

Monthly column The Pull List on Bookmunch

Five Gateway Comics for Doctor Who Fans on Tor Dot Com

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